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Welcome to Avalanche Acres Jack Russells

Avalanche Acres is a small kennel located in Douglas, Wyoming. We selectively plan and breed our litters and sometimes have a year or two between them. Our Jack Russell Terriers are members of the family and all litters are raised in our home. We do not actually have a kennel. We all live as a pack and the terriers have a backyard to share along with our black lab and lab/boxer-both of which were found along highways as pups. Many evenings will find us on the couch with all of the terriers curled up sleeping on and around us on the couch while we watch tv. Sometimes the two big dogs are up there as well!
Avalanche Acres started in 1999 with our first JRT, Twister Cleo. We enjoy all aspects of the terrier world including fun days, trials, meeting other terrier people, and especially hunting. We are JRTCA members and our terriers are either registered or recorded with JRTCA. We fully support JRTCA and strive to protect, preserve, and work the Jack Russell. We are also members of the Rocky Mountain Jack Russell Terrier Network and supporters of the Colorado JRT Rescue.
If you are interested in a jack russell, we encourage you to visit and learn about the breed. We welcome and encourage questions from potential JRT owners. Unfortunately, Skip, Eddie, and Wishbone are not accurate representations of these hunting dogs. There are far too many jack russells in Rescue just because they were jack russells and their owners did not understand the needs of these very smart and energetic creatures. If, after becoming educated on these little white furballs, you are still interested, we encourage you to contact your closest Rescue Rep or State Rep to research the possibility of providing a loving home for a dog in need.


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